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Weakness to Strength

We all have them. Weaknesses.

We hate them, try to hide them, and pretend they don’t exist. But they’re as real as our strengths.

Isaiah the prophet had a weakness that ran deep.

In his book, chapter six, he has a vision of God in the temple. There are magnificent creatures praising God. Their voices were so powerful that they shook the temple. But they covered their faces, perhaps as a sign of respect, for they didn’t want to look upon the holy King.

But Isaiah was a mere man, and he’d seen the Lord. He was horrified and said something like, “I’m doomed! My mouth is dirty because of my words, and I live with other sinful people. I’m nowhere near as righteous as God!”

He was ashamed even to be in God’s presence. There’s a side lesson. God’s mighty holiness usually makes us aware of our own faults.

But it was all right. Isaiah wasn’t kicked from the throne room. One of the creatures came over with a live coal from the altar and touched Isaiah’s lips with it. The creature said something like, “Look, this has taken away your sin and guilt.”

At that point, God spoke. He asked for someone to go on his behalf. Isaiah was quick to volunteer! This is where we reach the key point. God asks Isaiah to tell his people a message.

Wait a second. Wasn’t Isaiah’s mouth (or his speech) his greatest weakness a moment ago? Exactly. God seems to love using people’s weaknesses to further his goals. It shows others how powerful He is, and reminds us that He is the strength-giver.

This week, commit your weaknesses to the Lord. He may use them in powerful ways!

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