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Love Because He Loves

Make-FriendsWhy do you have friends?

Perhaps it has to do with similar interests you both share. Maybe you like how honest she is, or because you feel respected around him. However, friendship can be used selfishly.

I had a friend back in high school who liked having me around because she felt like my superior. At first I thought she was just assertive and wanted to go do certain activities and see certain movies. I found she liked having my submission rather than my friendship.  She only wanted me around to use me to feel better about herself. Needless to say, we did not remain friends for long.

A certain passage struck me the other day in Isaiah 57. God says,  “I live in a high and holy place but also with him who is contrite and lowly in spirit” (v. 15a NIV). Notice it didn’t say “I live with him who is high on the social ladder,” or “him who only makes me feel better.”

God looks for people to love and befriend not based on what they can do for him, or how they make him feel. He seeks out those people because he loves them.

Think of this next time you’re making new friends. Love them because God loves them, not what they can do for you.

Copyright 2013 by Molly Anderson. Use by permission only.

Rich Forgiveness

My pastor recently told us an incredible story about a gift certificate he bought. To show his appreciation to a couple in his small group, he purchased a ten dollar ice cream coupon for them. When the couple went to redeem the coupon, the cashier was extremely grateful they had come, because there had been a miscalculation.

Instead of being a gift certificate for ten dollars, it had been rung up for seven million dollars! That would have bought quite a few sundaes.

God’s gift certificate of forgiveness is a staggering amount, just like the certificate. According to Psalm 145, “The LORD is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love” (v. 8) NIV.  He is rich in his mercy to give His children another chance. His coupon of forgiveness will never expire or be depleted.

God will always extend grace, however, we should never use it as an excuse to sin. In fact, this incredible mercy should motivate us to sin less and aim to be sinless. We should try to please Him, and take courage knowing He’s a God of second chances.

He never runs out of love.

Copyright 2012 by Molly Anderson. Use by permission only.

Feel Forgotten?

Everyone’s tasted that harsh feeling of  loneliness. The reasons are endless: no one remembered your birthday, someone forgot your name, or simply because your friends are talking about a subject that you don’t know and you feel left out.

When I was younger, and a  lonely moment would rattle me, I often took confidence in my mom. My mom never forgot me, and always welcomed me to come close when I was hurting.

In the Scriptures, God uses the analogy of a mother and baby, to describe how He cares for His children.

“But Zion said, ‘The LORD has forsaken me, the Lord has forgotten me.'” We’ve all felt like even God has left us at times. But God replies.

“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!” (Isaiah 49: 13-15 NIV).

There is one thing in particular that I find touching about this passage. First, it’s incredible that the mighty and eternal God  would compare himself to the tender image of a mother and child. Even though He’s a God of power we can’t even begin to understand, He tells that in that tender way a mother loves her child, He loves us also.

Even if my mother goofs up and forgets my birthday once, I know God won’t ever forget me.

Copyright 2012 by Molly Anderson. Use by permission only.

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