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Making Everything New

The old woman’s eyes filled with tears. “How…how on earth did you fix it?”

“It took some time, ma’am, but I told you it would be good as new.”

The figure was that of a young girl with bright blue eyes and shiny, delicate glass hair. The fix-it man, Kainos, remembered how the figure’s head and arm had been snapped off, and the other arm was fractured in three pieces. The hair had snapped off in several places. Kainos had painstakingly glued each broken lock of hair back into place.

The woman shook her head in amazement, paid for the fix, and added, “You work miracles, Kainos.”  Everyone knew that. Kainos was a fantastic repair man.

A few minutes later, the Master came into Kainos’ shop. He jumped to his feet, shocked and unprepared for such an esteemed guest. His shop was messy with half-finished projects lying around. The Master sensed his concern. He motioned for the tinkerer to sit.

“Hello, Kainos.”

“Good afternoon, sir.” Kainos had never seen the Master this close before; only at kingdom functions.

“What can I do for you, today, sir? My workshop is yours.”

The Master smiled. “I was hoping you’d say that. You see, I have a mission that I need you to complete for me.”

Kainos’ heart jumped.  “Me? Oh, sir, I couldn’t possibly help with a mission.”

“Your gifts are exactly what I’m looking for. I need you to be willing to give your talents to me.”

Kainos stoked his beard thoughtfully. Is that all? What does he need me for? He thought. “Why, of course.”

“Thank you, Kainos. Are you sure you’re willing for me to have your skills?” He held his hand out.

“Completely.” Kainos took the Master’s hand and shook it.

“Excellent. Please keep fixing things as you’ve been doing.”

Before Kainos knew it, the Master was out the door and gone. He was confused. That was the mission? Hadn’t he been doing that for years? He turned back to his work table, still puzzled. He reached for his nearest project, an old tarnished teapot. He rubbed his thumb over the intricate designs, and was startled. The place where his thumb touched left a clean, silver patch. He cupped the spout in his other hand, and gave it a good rub or two. A stunning white silver spout smiled back at him.

A very perplexed Kainos continued to run his hands over the teapot, and he heard the sound of flexing metal. His jaw dropped when he saw a dent that he had touched, suddenly snap outward and disappear. He touched another dent, and the same thing happened, the dip in the metal popped out, leaving no trace.

Before he knew it, what looked like a brand-new, shining silver teapot sat before him, free of any blemishes.

Kanios didn’t understand until he looked down at the back of his hand, the one he had shaken with the Master’s hand. The symbol of the kingdom was there. He had been given some kind of gift. He had to try it on something else!

Kainos spun to a broken mirror, and touched the jagged pieces. The lines began sealing themselves with a small crackling noise, and the mirror was as good as new.

He turned to other things. Watches began ticking again with a swipe of his hand. Bent spoons straightened back into shape. Nicks and dings in the doorframe of his shop were filled in as he ran his hand over it. Drinking glasses shone, holes in clothing were patched back together, and a little toy clown danced again.

Kainos couldn’t believe it. His eye fell on a small, delicate and dirty glass figure of a lamb he had found. As a test, he threw it to the ground and stomped on it a few times with his boot. The figure was crushed and some pieces were no bigger than a crumb.

The tinkerer stooped down to look at the bits of broken glass. One couldn’t tell what it was anymore.  However, he carefully ran his finger over the pile, and noticed the small chunks began to move. With an emotion akin to excitement and disbelief, he watched spellbound as the lamb began to take form again.

The bits flew into place, repairing what was virtually unfixable. Within a few seconds, the lamb was back to normal. Except that it wasn’t dirty. It was even more beautiful than before.

Laughing, Kainos held the lamb and was filled with joy. What an incredible gift he had been given! His ears perked up when he heard someone enter his shop. It was the Master.

“Sir!” He held the lamb up. “Sir, you won’t believe it! I can fix anything! I’m making everything new!” The Master smiled and didn’t seem surprised.

“You’re right, Kainos. You’re doing exactly what God does. He wanted to use you to show others what He does in their lives. He makes all things new.”

Kainos looked down at the shining lamb, and then to the eyes of the Master, which shone even brighter. He was awed by the amazing gift and mission he had been given.

For the rest of his days, Kainos’ gift was known throughout the land, and many believed in the God who can restore and redeem anything broken.

He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”

Revelation 21:5 (NIV)


PS: The word “New” in this passage in Greek is “Kainos.” 🙂

Copyright by Molly Anderson 2012. Use by permission only.

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