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The Miracle at Troas (Part 2)


(Based on Acts 20:7-12)

I rushed down the stairs as fast as I could to my friend. His father reached him first. Eutychus lay unnaturally still on the hard ground as many crowded close by. I crept to Eutychus and saw fear in his father’s gray eyes. I reached out my hand. Remorse welled up inside of me.

“Is…is he…?”

I was interrupted by a tall man. “Hold on, I’m a physician.” He knelt and gently placed his hand over Eutychus’ face and felt his neck. Paul reached the center of the group and asked the physician, “Well, Luke? Is he all right?”
Everyone held their breath. Luke bit his lip and looked to Eutychus’ anxious father.

“I’m sorry, but he’s dead.” Instantly, Eutychus’ father wept over his dead son. I cried bitterly alongside my dead friend. If there was a mighty God that Paul talked about, why did He let this happen?

Paul reached toward the lifeless Eutychus and wrapped his arms around him. After a brief pause, Paul looked to Eutychus’ father. “Don’t be alarmed. He’s alive!” All eyes were on Eutychus. Paul placed his hand over Eutychus’ forehead, and I saw his chest move.

Then to everyone’s surprise, he moaned. “Oh, my head, what happened?”

I gasped. “He’s alive!”

The father held Eutychus in his strong arms and wept harder. Everyone rejoiced and praised God. Paul stayed the rest of the night; he told us more about God and His Son who had power over death. After seeing this miracle happen to my friend, I heard the words Paul preached and believed.

The end.

Copyright 2013 by Molly Anderson. Use by permission only.

Be Careful What You Pray For

Ever felt like your life was going down the drain?

Naomi sure felt that way. She moved to another country, and her husband died. Then her two married sons lost their lives as well. In that day, social security rested in the sons. They were the ones who took care of their parents in their old age. All she had left were her two foreign daughters-in-law.

It’s possible Naomi felt as if her life was over. Her family line had been cut off. She was going to be buried away from her family in a foreign country and forgotten.

It was no wonder she told her friends “Don’t call me Naomi [which means pleasant], call me Mara [bitter].” (Ruth 1:20, NIV).

I can picture her pleading with the only person who could have saved her–God. But her situation was pretty bleak.

For those who have read the story, you know how it ends. Naomi and her daughter-in-law Ruth came back to Israel. Ruth worked hard to provide for them, and got married to a rich, righteous man named Boaz. The new couple had a son named Obed. Naomi’s friends saw the blessings and said Ruth “is better than seven sons,” and When Naomi became Obed’s nanny, everyone said she had a son again (4:14-15).

The book ends with a genealogy with Obed. You find that he becomes the grandfather of David! As in, the  King of Israel  and slays Goliath, David. If you flip ahead to Matthew chapter one, you find the genealogy of Jesus. And take a wild guess who is in his family line. Obed!

Naomi feared her family line would die out and she would be forgotten. But not only did her line continue, but within a few generations, a descendant was king, and several more later, one was the Savior. Not just the Savior, but God himself!

In other words, when you think your life is over, God is still with you. He may surprise and bless you in ways you can’t imagine.

Copyright 2012 by Molly Anderson. Use by permission only.

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