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Daddy’s Girl

There’s something about me you probably didn’t know.

Do you know about Veggietales? It’s a TV show about talking vegetables that tell Bible stories. Now, this may not sound exciting to an adult. But as a kid, my friends and I grew up watching the show and it was about the coolest thing in the world.

It turns out my dad is one of the voice talents on the show, Dad Asparagus. I always took pride as a kid knowing that my dad was “famous.”

Well, one day, when I was around ten, I went to the park with my family. There were some kids there whose sole purpose it seemed was to make fun of me. I remember a lot of nasty things were said.

Harsh words are one of the most crippling things for a child to encounter. That day at the park could have been very hurtful.

But I distinctly remember a train of though running through my mind. “These kids are being pretty mean, but, you know what? My dad does the voice of Dad Asparagus! And that is so cool and he loves me, so there!”

Looking back, it makes no sense. But I still remember the confidence and courage I had against those bullies. Because my dad was cool, it made me cool. Because he loved me, I could lift my head high and ignore the hurtful words.

This completely applies to our Heavenly Father. There are countless things that try to hurt and discourage us. But there’s no need to worry. Your Heavenly Father is the coolest dad ever! Because He loves you so dearly, you can be confident, throw your head back and laugh when something tries to discourage you.

You are your Daddy’s girl, or son.

1 John 3:1a

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!

Copyright 2011 by Molly Anderson. Use by permission only.

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