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Troubled Heart

One semester in college, I literally worried myself sick. I took a few classes at the community school at age sixteen; it was my first college experience. I had been homeschooled throughout junior high and high school. So going to class was new and a little scary.

I took an honors English class with a great teacher. However, every assignment had me on edge. The atmosphere was daunting and it was harder than I expected. Even out of class, I was always reminded of some assignment or paper. It was as if I saw life through a shroud of worry.

I knew the anxiety was causing problems. I became physically sick. But I didn’t know how not to worry. However, God got hold of me and showed me a passage in John. The phrase “Don’t let your hearts be troubled” jumped out to me (14:1 NIV). I thought, Wait, you can let your heart be troubled? I never thought of it like that. Instead of worrying and fretting about my problems, God encouraged me to give Him my fears and trust Him.

I did. God was with me as I finished the semester and got an A+ in the class. I learned I never need to worry.

Copyright 2012 by Molly Anderson. Use by permission only.

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