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Trust Me, You Don’t Want This

Just last week I was slicing up jalapeno peppers for a chili dinner, when my youngest cat, Kiwi, hopped onto the table nearby. She was eyeing the peppers, and in typical Kiwi-fashion, began meowing for the food I was handling.

Kiwi’s always had a healthy appetite, but she never had a jalapeno pepper before, and for good reason. As a conscientious cat owner, I’ve made sure I don’t feed my cats anything that could hurt them, such as a spicy pepper.

But Kiwi doesn’t know this, all she knows is that mom has food, and she wants it!

Her meows became more strained and I couldn’t help but laugh. “Trust me, baby kitty,” I said. “You don’t want this.”

But that didn’t stop the begging, she meowed more, as if saying, “No, mom, you don’t understand, I REALLY want that thing there and it’ll make me so happy, I promise, PLEASE!”

I just shook my head. There was no way for me to indicate to my darling cat that this jalapeno would be spicy and taste awful. It wasn’t as if I could sit her down and rationally explain this to her.

All I could say was “Kitty, please trust me.”

To which she eventually responded to by stoppingĀ her begging and going off to find something else to do.

I suddenly wondered if that’s how God sometimes feels with us. He wants to give us good things as a loving Heavenly Father, but when we ask for things that could hurt us, he must say no.

There may be times when we can’t fully understand why he won’t allow us to have or do something, but that’s when we need to trust that He’s good and knows what he’s doing.

Matt. 7:9-11

Copyright 2016 by Molly Farnsley. Use by permission only.

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