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I Am Not The Author of My Story

If you are a writer, do you sometimes interview your characters to understand their personalities better?

For an assignment in college, we were given a list of interview questions for our characters and I have used this method often – it helps me to give my characters more depth and meaning.

Recently, I decided to interview a character right after he suffered a major loss – and the answers that followed turned into an unexpected exercise of trusting God.

The character was asking questions, such as “How could you have let this happen? Why am I suffering?”

While I was trying to answer as honestly as possible, I found myself responding just like God does, “There’s a reason for it. You can’t possibility understand why, but it will all make sense. Please trust me.”

It reminded me of Romans 8:28a “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him” (NIV).

If my character were to demand “No, how dare you! Tell me why, right now!”, it would seem ridiculous. A character can’t demand anything from his or her author.

That’s when I received this sense of clarity, that in a way, I am a character in life, and God is The Author of it all. He writes every plot twist, he brings in the love interests, and he knows the world and us even more intimately than we can ever understand

Even more wildly, he knows the ending, and has even told us our own ending of the story, and it’s a very happy one! Most characters can’t even guess what kind of ending they will receive.

That being said, I found myself realizing that when bad things happen to me, there’s no question that God is in control, and trusting that he’s the Good Author of it all is really is the only option that makes sense. Because I am not the author of my story, and it’s oddly a comforting thought.

Copyright 2016 by Molly Farnsley. Use by permission only.


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